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30' Oak PilingsE&F Wood prizes itself on making an aesthetically pleasing piling in both Hardwood and Softwood.  Our diverse supplier list , working on multiple woodlots throughout the Northeast United States, allows us to obtain most species for any job.    


We offer a wide range of lengths in all sizes and species in the following categories:

20' Oak PilingsHardwood non-treated:
Red Oak, Black Oak, White Oak, and Hickory pilings can be ordered in any size up to 50'. 

50' Hickory Piles

Red Pine Treated:
Can be ordered upon request.  Fast availability!

  • 18 to 30' piling.  Minimum 6" diam. top, 10" butt diam.,  treated to Marine specifications (1.5 lbs./cuft) in 1' intervals.

  • 20 to 40' piling.  Minimum 12" diam. butt,  treated to Marine specifications (1.5 lbs./cuft) in 5' intervals.

    Red Pine Pressure Treated Pinlings


Read about our story in the Worcester telegram and Gazette.  

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40' Oak Piling

50 Hickory Pile