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Piled CabinstockOur peeled Cabinstock is manufactured with Quality and Craftsmanship.  We offer a variety of different styles and will work with individual floor plans.  Species are available but not limited to Red Pine, White Pine, and Spruce.  


Customer/Contractor manufactured for Linear Feet

  • Round Log System, 2 Side , or "D" Shaped System  Red Pine CabinStock Shipment
    Available for Custom orders and the "Do-It-Yourselfers".  You give us the plans and we will supply you with the raw materials.  All material is peeled to a tolerance of 1-2 in. for diameter.  Lengths available are 8-40 ft. 

Unpeeled-Slabbed Red Pine bundled Cabinstock              Peeled One-Sided Slabbed

Processed Cabin Material   Corner Pieces

We Also offer:

Simplified Log Home Designs with Form fitted Tongue and Groove
All designs are available in both 2 Side and "D" Shaped Systems.  These simplified designs are perfect for that hunting camp or first time home. 

  • The "OutPost"                
    2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath 896 Sq. Ft.



  • The "Fort"                         
    2 or 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath 1152 Sq. Ft.



  • The "Long Branch"       
    2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath 720 Sq. Ft.




  • The "Meeting House"   
    3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath 1056 Sq. Ft.




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Peeled Red Pine Cabinstock

Stacked Cabin material